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Harnessing technology to unlock your productivity

Technology is changing almost every aspect of the way we work. Whether you’re in an office or on the factory floor, new technology is impacting almost every part of our lives.


The pace of change is so great, it has been labelled the fourth industrial revolution, with the potential for new technologies, such as AI, to drive productivity and economic growth for years to come.

Digitising our workplaces delivers enormous benefits, allowing you and your team to work more efficiently and freeing you up from the mundane.
But are we using the technology we already have to its full potential, what is around the corner and what do you need to be thinking about now to prepare for the future?

Join us for this Webinar where our we’ll explore how you can maximise the tech of today and start thinking about the technology of tomorrow.
We’ll look at how digitisation is already impacting the way we work, where we work and how we work, what this means for our workplaces, and what steps we should be taking to protect ourselves from cyber risks and unleash the potential of our workforce.

This webinar presents:
- A deep dive into how technology is evolving and what it means for the way we work.
- Insights into making better use of every day digital tools already in your business.
- A look at some of the digital tools that every business should be thinking about.
- How to better protect yourself from cybersecurity risks.
- A look into the future and what might be coming next.


Aaron Creighton, Senior Data Specialist, Ministry of Primary Industries 

Aaron is the Senior Data Scientist at Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) focusing on data science and application development, data governance, data classification, privacy and InfoSec. His team delivers analytics solutions and data tools to Customs, MPI and Immigration, enhancing border security and helping to identify biosecurity risks and support strategic border priorities. His team also provides data science support across agencies. 

Hilary Walton, Technology Strategist, Microsoft 

Hilary Walton is an expert on organisational security approaches, having worked for global intelligence organisations, governments and corporate entities. She is the author of the book “Security Culture”, the host of the popular podcast Digital Culture, and prior to joining Microsoft as a Technology Strategist she was the Chief Information Security Officer for Kordia. With a diverse background in organisational psychology, ICT, risk management and security, she has also worked offshore for Mi5 in London, and led the Information Security programme at the 2012 London Olympics and Paralympic Games.   

Simon Howard, Founder, ZX Security Ltd

Simon Howard, CTO and founder of ZX Security has been active in the New Zealand information security space for almost two decades. He is a member of the New Zealand Internet Task Force (NZITF), which is a non-profit with the mission of improving the cyber security posture of New Zealand. Simon also co-founded and assists with the running of Australasia’s largest hacker conference, Kiwicon (recently re-branded Kawaiicon).  

Justin Flitter, Founder, NewZealand.AI 

Justin Flitter is an AI for business leader with more than 20 years of experience in helping businesses grow with technology, people, and partnerships. He founded NewZealand.AI in 2017, providing practical workshops and events that showcase how Kiwi businesses can scale their superpowers with AI, and, a virtual B2B marketing agency that accelerates marketing capability and performance for professional services businesses. 

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