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Building a safe, resilient and productive workplace

Happy and safe work environments are productive workplaces. Unfortunately, too many of us are suffering from stress and burnout, and too often we are getting hurt at work.


Workplace harm is estimated to cost the country $4.4 billion every year and results in lost productivity, increased costs, and impacts employee morale.

The problem is also widespread. In our latest workplace wellbeing survey, 91% of employees reported having experienced negative physical effects because of work at least once in the past three months, while 87% of people have experienced negative emotional impacts due to work.

Clearly, we need to do things differently, but how?

Join us on this Webinar where we explore what you can do to empower your team to create workspaces that value and promote our emotional and physical wellbeing – creating an environment where everyone is happy in their work and where everyone thrives.

This webinar will outline:
- The latest statistics on employee wellbeing.
- Strategies on how to build a positive culture centred around health, safety and wellbeing.
- How to recognise potential issues around physical and emotional wellbeing and what actions to proactively take.
- Practical steps you can take to positively support employees back into work following an emotional or physical injury.


 Zac Parish, Founder, Awareness Academy

Zac Parish is the Founder and Director of the Awareness Academy, a training institution specializing in workplace leadership and well-being programs. His passion lies in the intricateness of the mind and emotions, exploring the dynamics of beliefs and behaviors, and addressing the impact of social and environmental conditioning. His ongoing training delves into optimum lifestyle practices emphasizing the crucial 5 Pillars of Wellness. 

Steve Birdsall, Project Manager, Southern Spars 

Steve Birdsall is a Health & Safety Coordinator at Southern Spars. Southern Spars specializes in the design and construction of carbon fibre spars and components, rigging, and rig servicing. The Company serves the industry, delivering world class cruising and racing spars, carbon rigging and service. 

Paul Jarvie, Health and Safety Expert, EMA 

Paul has been with the EMA since 1988 and is currently a project leader for older workers and a strong business advocate in the Employment Relations and Human Resources space. He is a key Occupational Health and Safety expert at national policy and guidance level, having spent some 30 years in this field. Paul also served as NZ delegate at International Labour Organisation (ILO) and as expert and Committee Chair (Agriculture and Machine guarding), and is the key author to the EMA’s White Paper “Act Now, Age Later”.  

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